For Employers

If you are an employer wanting to use WebWork for your team, start here. 

1. Sign up

To create an account, fill out your name, surname, and email address, and click the Sign up button.

You can also sign up with Google and Slack.

Sign Up on WebWork Time Tracker

2. Verify your email address. Go to your inbox, find the email from WebWork, and click Verify. (You do not have to verify it during the free trial, but after it, you will have to).

3. Log in to your account to go through onboarding and set up your workspace. 

During onboarding, you can invite members straight away (or you can do this later as shown in the next step). 

4. To invite people from the dashboard, go to People>Members on the menu. Then, from the upper right-hand corner choose from 3 types of invitations:
  • Bulk invite: to invite several people at once
  • Invite new user: to invite a single member
  • Copy invitation link: to share the link 

5. Now that you have an account, a workspace, and workspace members, you need to create and assign a project to members so that they can track time.

To create a project, go to Projects on the Menu and click Add New Project.

6. The next step is to set up your workspace settings. Go to Settings in the upper right-hand corner and customize each setting to your preferences. 

WebWork Workspace Settings


Your workspace is ready🚀 Now your workspace members can track time.

⚡If you want to track more than time, e.g. get screenshots and app & web usage data, make sure your workspace members download and track time on the desktop app.