Pricing and Subscriptions

Free Trial

  1. Sign up at 
  2. Start using WebWork for 14 days for free. During these 14 days, you can invite as many members as you want and use all the features of WebWork by trying out all pricing plans.

If you attach your card during onboarding, right after signing up, you will get a 20% discount on your first invoice. You can always attach your card at the end of the free trial as well, however in that case you will not get the discount. 

Before the expiration of the free trial, you will get an email notifying you about it. If you decide to continue using WebWork, you can add your card and continue by making the first payment.

After the free trial has ended, you have 3 days to use the tracker and choose a pricing plan you want to continue with.

Purchasing a subscription

When you purchase a plan, you pay for the number of active members at the moment of payment. 

If you pay before the end of the trial and before your workspace is disabled, your billing date will remain the free trial expiration day, and the period of your usage will be counted from that day.

If you pay after the workspace is disabled, the payment cycle and the billing date are set to the day you purchase a subscription.

Learn More About Pricing Plans

Adding members during the billing period

If you add a member and archive them in the same month, the next invoice will only charge for the days the member was in your workspace.

If you add a member in the middle of the month and that member continues to track in your workspace, we do not charge you for half-month tracking. They will be included in the next month’s prepayment on the invoice.

How do archived members affect billing?

If you are going to pay for the next month and there are archived members in your workspace, you will not be charged for them. 

If you add additional members and then delete, archive, or block them during the billing period, you will be charged only for those days they were in your workspace. However, if they use it for less than 5 days, you will not be charged. 

Billing date

The day when you make the first payment is marked as your billing date. It means that in the next months, you will be charged on that day.

For example,

If your billing date is on the 31st, and that month is ending on the 30th, you will get charged on the next day, which means the 1st of the next month.

The same principle works for annual payments. Your billing date is the day you make the first payment. 

Annual subscription

When you buy an annual subscription, you get 20% off on all plans. 

Note that with an annual subscription, if you add a new member/seat during the year, you will be charged for that extra seat and its usage period on your next due date.

For example,

You pay for 10 seats with the annual plan and then add one more member in the 11th month. In this case, you will be charged for this extra seat only for the remaining 1 month.

Reactivation of your workspace

If your workspace is suspended and disabled you can reactivate it in a 6-month period. You only have to purchase a new subscription based on the number of active members at that moment, and you will have a new billing date and a new subscription plan.

Note that if you do not reactivate your account in the period of 6 months, it will be deleted automatically.